All the free images used on these pages were done using images from free clipart. 
The clipart is free so the pattern charts will also be free.
Thank you WPclipart for allowing the use of your clipart.

I couldn't resist making more free crochet patterns to share with everyone.
I was searching and searching for something new.  I found it at .
   I hope you all enjoy them. 
Please feel free to share the site with your friends.
All charts on this page were created from images on the WPclipart website.  These patterns are not to be sold or copied in anyway.   If you would like to sell items using these images you will need to contact both for the use of the chart.  As well as WPclipart for the use of their image.  Images on this site found duplicated on any other site is completely coincidental.  Notify to investigate the issue further.  If you would like to link to a page on this website please do so.   Thank you