You can find countless free crochet patterns if you just look in the right places.   The first thing everyone does when looking for free crochet patterns.  They go to google or some other search engine.   Then what?   They type in free crochet patterns.  Then like magic they appear,  list after list of websites with free crochet patterns.  The biggest site is the free crochet pattern directory.  That is just an amazing site. 

Now you can type in ‘why we give away free crochet patterns’ in your search engine.   You get countless listing for websites giving away e books with free crochet patterns.  You then continue to find blogs with free crochet patterns.  The list goes on and on.     It is just amazing at what comes up when you put in a random search phrase.  

If you see a pattern that is for sale.  You love it!  Buy it!  There are so many people out there creating these patterns to feed their families and to just survive in these hard times.    Unfortunately, things in this world are not “free” .    That would be a wonderful concept wouldn’t it?    I have been closed minded when it comes to this concept.  I see what everyone means now.   THANK YOU for opening my eyes.  

I just love creating these free crochet patterns and giving them away.   When I want to create something,
I just create it.   If I can help someone with sparking their imagination to create an afghan of pillow or anything more, or anything  that they would get out of these free crochet patterns.   It makes me happy.    Now I know I shouldn’t be doing this,  giving away all my patterns.   But that is what I personally choose to do with these free crochet patterns.    

The word phrase ‘free crochet patterns’  is searched over 380,000 times per month.   That is a lot of people just looking for free crochet patterns.   It is just wonderful having so many creative people out there in the world.  Makes the world a much more wonderful place. 

Free crochet patterns are a dime a dozen.   They are everywhere.   You find free crochet patterns stretched clear across the internet.  I hope that anyone that finds my free crochet patterns uses them for a wonderful purpose.   These are free crochet patterns you can link to on your website.  You can make stuff to sell online.  Unfortunately, no major mass production,  if that is the case just ask.    If these free crochet patterns find wonderful homes by being created into something spectacular.   Than giving away these free crochet patterns was worth every minute of it.     Thank you.      

Giving away my free crochet patterns on my  website, is just that.   I am giving away free crochet patterns. You can’t sell them directly, unfortunately.  I have to copyright them.   I don‘t want someone trying to sell my own free crochet pattern, and then turn around and try and claim it as theirs.  That is the only reason I copyright my free crochet patterns.  You can make stuff to sell on your blog or website, anything that suits your fancy.