Welcome to the YarnYokel pattern directory page.  I have created over 1,100 filet crochet name charts and over 200 filet crochet charts for you to use.  I have also had requests to link other crochet pattrens for you all.   I have decided to create this page so that you can find them a little more easily.   I hope you find enjoyment in all the free patterns available.  These patterns are used for mainly filet crochet.  However.....If your creative, you can find multiple uses for them in the crochet craft.   Many of these patterns are sized for crocheting blankets, pillows and whatever you can dream up.  All the patterns are printable for easier use.  Please read the purpose and intent on this sites creation

       Crochet is only limited by your imagination.  Let your creativity flow.   Enjoy all the free patterns.