Plastic Bag Holder


1-skein of regular yarn (or use older yarn from other projects, just tie together)  
Size H-  Hook 
 2 strips of elastic (instead of buying use elastic from an old piece of clothing.  example.. underwear is perfect.)  the strip of elastic should be about ½ inch in width.

                    Bottom strip should be 5 1/2inches
                    Top strip should be 10 inches

With needle and thread sew the ends of cut elastic strip together to form a circle. which is easier.  You can just leave the strips and sew them when finished but not recommended.  

chain 20

place elastic behind the chain and single around the elastic so that the elastic is inside the stitch.
Example:    insert hook into chain,  pull first yarn under the strip and when completing the single yarn over the elastic.  

Join, Chain 1-do not turn

The following is to be worked in continuous rows , do not turn unless specified to do so.

Row 1 & 2 -  Single in each
Row 3 -  2 singles in each single around
Row 4 -  Single in each single, slip stitch in last stitch,  chain 2 
Row 5 -  ½ double in ea. , slip stitch in last, chain 2
Row 6 - Double in ea., slip stitch in last, chain 2 

Row 7 & 8 - Repeat row 6
Row 9 & 10 - Repeat row 5,   (Chain 1 after completing row 10)
Row 11, 12, 13 - Single in each  (slip stitch in last stitch of row 13, chain 2) 
Row 14, 15, 16 - Repeat row 6 (slip stitch in last stitch of row 16, chain 2)

Row 17 -  Double crochet around the post of previous stitches.  
       Follow in this order:  
        ( 7- front post stitches, 7- back post stitches,  slip stitch in last chain 2)

Row 18- Repeat row 17

Row 19- Repeat row 17 (You will start this row with back post first, then front post) 
Row 20- Repeat row 19 , join with slip stitch chain 2

Row 21 & 22- Repeat row 6  (join last of row 22 with slip stitch, chain 1)

Row 23, 24, 25- single in each (slip stitch in last stitch of row 25, chain 2)

Row 26, 27- ½ double in each (join last stitch row 27, chain 2) 
Row 28- double crochet in each (join, chain 2) 
Row 29, 30 --Repeat row 17 (front post/back post)
Row 31, 32--Repeat row 19 ( Back post/Front post)

Row 33- 38 --Repeat Row 6

Row 39, 40 ,41--single in each (slip stitch in last stitch of 41, chain 2)

Row 42, 43 --Double in each, join chain 2
Attach the elastic as you did in the beginning of pattern,  single around elastic.  

Hint if you pull the elastic tightly as you do this it will pull back and bunch the yarn when finished.  

Join with slip stitch,

Chain 2

Row 44-  double in each of the next 12 stitches, chain 2--TURN
Row 45- Repeat Row 44--Chain 2, turn 
Row 46 -  Repeat Row 44 only chain 1, turn 

Row 47- single in next two, ½ double in next two, double in next two, triple crochet in next,  double in next 
two, ½ double in next two, single in last two.   

slip stitch back, finish off.  

Here is an easy crochet pattern that I created for my mom, who is an avid recycler.  
 I just used some left over yarn that was laying around.  
 There are many versions of this type of thing.   This one will hold about 80 or so bags.  
Also, you can hang it up and pull the bags out from the bottom easily to reuse.  
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