Love Crochet Square
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In this pattern you will be working with two strands of color at once.    

Gauge--9inches wide X 12inches high
Use Crochet Hook size --H

It is best when working with two colors to keep one strand on one side of work and the other on the opposite side while you are working.   When switching color ,pull the color your working with to the side that its on.   This is a very simple pattern.   The instructions are to help beginners mostly. 

For you advanced folks.

Basically your going to do this.   Print the graph chart below.   Two single crochet stitches in each box.   Change color accordingly.   Working one color over the other.   See Chart below. 

If your working with the yarn on the outside of the work.   Just drop the string Pick up new color in last two loops of previous stitch before color change. 
If your working with the color on your working side.   Pull the color towards you or the working side and pickup back color.  Will take a bit of practice.  Doing it like this your yarn shouldn’t get tangled at all. 
Changing colors
Working New Color
Working over unused color
(using border color)

Chain 41

Row 1
Single in second chain from hook. 
Continue to single across the entire row. 
Row 2
Chain 1 turn.  Count this as your first stitch of next row.  
Pull inside color through. Chain loop , leave tail.  
Work next row of stitches over the  new color yarn.  This will help secure it. 
Single in each stitch  with same (old) color.  

Chain 1 - turn (after every row)

At this point you should have two full rows of the lavender color. 

The following rows are all done in basic single crochet.  

I will be listing the rows like this:     6-white, 4 lavender, etc.. to show color change and sequence.  Whenever there is a new color just switch colors and work over the other unused color.

Row 3    2-lavendar, 36- white, 2- lavender
Row 4    2-lavender, 36-white, 2 lavender
Row 5    2-lavender, 2 white, 14-laveneder,  8-white, 4-lavender, 8- white, 2 lavender
Row 6    2-lavender, 8 white, 4-lavender, 8-white, 14-lavender, 2-white, 2-lavender
Row 7    2-lavender, 12--white,4-lavender, 6-white, 8--lavender, 6-white,2-lavender
Row 8    2-lavender, 6-white, 8-lavender, 6-white, 4-lavender, 12-white, 2-lavender
Row 9    repeat row 7
Row 10  repeat row 8

Row11   repeat row 7
Row 12  repeat row 8
Row 13  repeat row 7
Row 14  repeat row 8

Row 15  2-lavender,4-white, 12-lavender,4-white, 4-lavender, 4-white, 4-lavender, 4-white, 2-lavender
Row 16  2-lavender, 4-white, 4-lavender, 4-white, 4-lavender, 4-white, 12-lavender, 4-white, 2-lavender

(In all the remaining row the colors will be noted as such:      L= Lavender,  W= White.  )

Row 17    2-L, 12-W, 4-L, 4-W, 4--L, 4--W, 4-L, 4-W, 2-L
Row 18    2-L, 4-W, 4-L, 4-W, 4-L, 4-W, 4-L, 12-W, 2-L

Row 19    repeat row 17
Row 20    repeat row 18

Row 21   2-L, 12--W, 4-L, 2-W, 4-L, 8-W, 4-L, 2-W, 2-L
Row 22   2-L, 2-W, 4-L, 8-W, 4-L, 2-W, 4-L, 12-W, 2-L

Row 23   2-L, 2-W, 14-L, 2-W, 4-L, 8-W, 4-L, 2-W, 2-L
Row 24   2-L, 2-W, 4-L , 8-W, 4-L, 2-W, 14-L, 2-W, 2-L

Row 25 & 26    2-L, 36-W, 2-L

Row 27  2-L, 6-W, 8-L, 6-W, 14-L, 2-W, 2-L
Row 28  2-L, 2-W, 14-L, 6-W, 8-L, 6-W, 2-L

Row 29  2-L, 4-W, 4-L, 4-W, 4-L, 14-W, 4-L, 2-W, 2-L
Row 30  2-L, 2-W, 4-L, 14-W, 4-L, 4-W, 4-L, 4-W, 2-L

Row 31   2-L, 2-W, 4-L, 8-W, 4-L, 12-W, 4-L, 2-W, 2-L
Row 32   2-L, 2-W, 4-L, 12-W, 4-L, 8-W, 4-L, 2-W, 2-L

a-Row 33  repeat row 31
b-Row 34  repeat row 32

(repeat sequence of rows 33 and 34 for rows 35-42)
Row 43   2-L, 4-W, 4-L, 4-W, 4-L, 14-W, 4-L, 2-W, 2-L
Row 44   2-L, 2-W, 4-L, 14-W, 4-L, 4-W, 4-L, 4-W, 2-L

Row 45    2-L, 6-W, 8-L 16-W, 4-L, 2-W, 2-L
Row 46    2-L, 2-W, 4-L, 16-W, 8-L, 6-W, 2-L

Row 47    2-L, 36-W, 2-L
Row 48    2-L, 36-W, 2-L

Row 49 & 50   Lavender in each stitch across. 

Finish off.   

You may need to do a little stretching of the square to straighten it out properly.