My website is full of free crochet patterns that you can print and share.   I created this website for two basic reasons.

                    1.)  Is my love for crochet, which is one of my main hobbies.
                    2.) To learn to design and create web pages and learn how websites function.

Yes, I am creating this website for my own personal gain, learning web design.   However, at the same time all of you are gaining free charts.  Sharing my creativity with the world is basically all I am doing.    

This site is full of filet crochet patterns that are made with designs from basic clipart.
With written consent from clipart websites as you will see throughout the site.
I will never post without written consent! If I did, it is completely by accident and please by all means notify me so I can remove it!  or

A lot of the designs I created myself.   Crochet is just another form of art or self expression.

I love to go searching the internet for crazy designs and patterns that people create.
If they have a free pattern I share the link to their pattern on my face book page, if  it is allowed.
Feel free to share your pattern link with others sharing their links of their work. 

I have also created a directory in this website and would be happy to link your pattern, if you so desire.  Send me an email and I will be happy to link it there for you.  Reciprocal links are always welcomed, but they are not required to add your site in the directory.   

At some point I will get back into creating random designs again and posting them.   I call these
“My doodle crochet patterns“.   Funny how you name things.   To me that is exactly what they are, little doodles I do with this filet crochet program that I have.   It is a wonderful program created by Sandcastle designs.   Here is the link they have provided me to their website.   
This way you can purchase it for yourself and let your creativity flow as well. 

I am not selling their software and I am not an affiliate of them in any way.
I just think people should be honest.  Give credit to those that deserve the credit.  It is an amazing little program.   It has given me the opportunity to accomplish all the things on this website, and share them with all of you. 

I have so many ideas that I am always creating something new.  Whether it be a toy of sorts or a Tunisian crochet pillow.  I love creating pillow designs.  They are easy and simple to crochet; especially for beginning crocheters just learning the wonderful art of crochet.

        I am not an expert or professional crochet designer by no means. 
I am just someone that loves to create and crochet.   I would honestly suggest you purchase a quilty pattern from someone.  Their are so many designers out there creating the most unbelievable work, and we as fellow Yarners should support them.  So much time goes into creating those patterns and I truely believe that people should be supported for their efforts.  You can find lots of patterns on many websites across the internet for sale. Eventually I may even sell some of my own designs in the future. 

This website is always changing its format because I love experimenting with web design as well.  One day this website will look one way.  The next time you come through, it could be an entirely different color scheme or format altogether. However, I think I will possibly be sticking with this type of format. 
I have created so many pages. It is really a lot of work and hours being spent changing the smallest details of a webpage.   Nevertheless, it is fun and I enjoy it.   I just hope you all enjoy all the free patterns.  

I have also created a section on the site to post items you have created.   I would love to display items created with the filet crochet charts from this site.  If you don’t want to post, that is fine as well.  If you do email them to me and share your creation with the world like I am sharing the charts here with you. 

I am happy that my simple little filet crochet charts are creating things of beauty that you enjoy making. 
Have a wonderful day and as always please share the site with others, so they can enjoy the charts as well.

.My purpose for creating this website.