I will be adding new crocheting charts as I create them.   These filet crochet charts are my daily doodles of sorts.   I create these while killing time before going to work.  I started these in July of 2011.  Each month listed below will link you to the page for charts that I created for that month.  Go to the HOMEPAGE for even more free charts.

By all means they are not intended to be top notch charts.  They are what they are!  
They are my doodle creations. 
                                                     I strongly suggest
That you go to a website and purchase a real quality pattern whatever type that may be.  There are so many fantastic designs out there, that we as yarners need to support.  

If you like the designs feel free to use them.  If something wonderful can be created by the charts,  that is even more wonderful.   Send pictures of any completed projects done with the charts, I would love to show them off in my little gallery I am creating for viewers.  See Some Viewer Creations

                       Charts are not to be re-posted or sold on other websites without permission.  
                   If you would like to sell items created with these charts please contact me directly.    
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