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My Purpose for the site.  Please Read!

Crocheting V crochet stitch using a graph chart.

I just posted a video on how to create a V crochet stitch using one of these graph charts.  It seems that every time I see a crochet pattern using a graph chart they are using a limited number of stitch styles.  I grew tired of using these same few stitches over and over.  I think crochet is so much more than that.  It can be whatever you want it to be.   I decided to try different variations of stitches and designs that would work well with a crochet pattern chart.  The first one that I came across that would work, was the V crochet stitch.   (I didn't create the stitch, I found another way of using it to suit my needs)  It works well but....I needed it to be fuller.  I naturally did a quick search online and of course, found loads of crochet links to double V crochet stitches.  Well my little experiment seemed to work.  

I created a quick video to show people how to accomplish this stitch using a crochet graph chart.  These charts shouldn't be limited to simple filet crochet, single or double crochet stitches.   I think it should be whatever you can dream up.  Dare to be bold and create ...sometimes it is worth the effort.    

       I hope that it helps someone create a beautiful piece of work. 

Current Updates:  

Crochet Love Pattern using single crochet.

I created this with one of the free crochet charts I had posted some time ago on this site.  You can find the free crochet pattern here on this page of the website: 

                                        Love Pattern

I created this one using only single crochet stitches.  I know boring... however, it did bring out a nice clean look on both sides.  Now you can't even tell I just carried the colors through the stitches.  NO CUTTING!!!!  That is ideal when you crochet something, not having to cut yarn to change colors.    I know some people say; oh you can just carry the yarn through no big deal.   Well it is a big deal to me anyway, especially when you want to use other colors in your patterns.  You don't want to have bulging sitiches with other colors showing through.   I don't know about you,  but I like a clean looking finished piece.  
             That is my goal.  

When I created this one I thought there has to be other stitches that would work.  
 I am now on a quest.  To find as many stitches as possible that will give me the cleanest look, without cutting and sewing in tails.  

As always please share the site and go out and purchase a pattern 
from a crochet or knitting desinger and support your yarning community.

Crochet Cluster Stitch - using a graph chart

I found another stitch that will work for crocheting using a graph chart.  It is called the "cluster stitch".   I stumbled upon this one while scrolling through Youtube which I do often when I can't sleep.   I guess my sleepless night is everyones gain.  I guess we  all learned something out of it.   I was watching a video on crocheting the cluster stitch.  I really would like to say thank you to all of you who create these videos for all of us like myself.  They are great tools for learning.   Well suddenly it came to me, that this one type of crochet stitch might just work also for a graph chart. 

I let it mull around in my head for a few days.  I had some free time afterwork one night, so I decided to give it a whirl.   You never know until you try!  It worked okay... except.....when I was done there was a lot of cutting.   Which in turn meant ALOT of sewing.  It turned out pretty good and it also accomplished a nice look using one of these graph style charts as a pattern.      
Here is the sample swatch I created.  

Well....I then decided to create a video for you on how to crochet the cluster stitch using a graph chart.  I guess my sleepless night paid off.  Also thanks to all the wonderful folks on youtube for creating all the great tutorials.                          


Crochet Slouchy Hat Free Step by Step Tutorial

I created this crochet slouchy hat for a friend.  After months of deliberation I decided to use it to create a new step by step crochet video turotial and share it with all of you.  This video series will show you how to crochet this slouchy hat step by step.  I hope you all enjoy the free pattern and share the site with all your friends.   You can find the free written instructions on the YarnYokel Patterns page. Also, here is a quick link to the pattern as well.   Pattern Link


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